This Sunday, Blue Springs Baptist Church will continue Drive-in Worship at 11 a.m. and will continue Facebook LIVE streaming of our services.  Mark your calendars for May 24 & 31 as Drive-in Worship. After this time, we will re-assess our situation and make a decision regarding moving forward.   See below: 
We have developed a Phased, Re-Opening Plan as follows:

Church Activity                 Phase 1                       Phase 2                       Phase 3

A.M. Worship                      Drive-in/FB                In-Person w/Caution   In-Person – Relaxed

P.M. Worship                       None                           None                           In-Person – Relaxed

Sunday School                     Online/FB/Mail          In-Person w/Caution   In-Person – Relaxed

Choir Practice                      None                           None                           Full Choir w/Caution

Choir Presentation               None                           Solos, Family Group   Full Choir w/Caution

Prayer/Business Mtg           Online & In-Person+  In-Person w/Caution   Normal

Fellowships/Other               None                           Limited                       Normal – Relaxed          

Visitation/Counseling          Telephone/Zoom/FB  In-Person w/Caution   In-Person – Relaxed          

Immuno-compromised        Online Only                Online Only                In-Person w/Caution

FB = Facebook
+    = With (w/) Caution

We are currently in Phase 1.  We will remain in Phase 1 until at least, Wednesday, June 3rd (our next Business Meeting).  We will then re-examine all factors and determine if we are ready to enter Phase 2, in which we cautiously re-enter the building and continue In-Person worship and Sunday School.  Behind the scenes, we will be working on a number of things to ready ourselves for Phase 2 including: Building & Grounds sanitizing & cleaning; posting precautionary signage; establishing new guidelines and training for staff, usher/greeters, and security; preparing Facebook LIVE capabilities for inside the sanctuary; and establishing new Worship Guidelines and Procedures for seating, greeting, Pastor’s Pals/Children’s Sermon, Choir/Special Music, Offering Collection, Lord’s Supper, Baptism, Invitation Time, & Worship Departure.  
Please help us by sharing this email widely with others for whom we may not have an email address or contact information.  Thank you for your patience and prayerful support during this time of adjustment and transition in the life of our church.

Tune to: 101.5 FM to get the audio feed. (This will only work in the Parking Lot.)

***The Worship Service will be Live-streamed on Facebook LIVE on the Blue Springs Baptist Church Facebook Page for those unable able to join us in person.***

1, Dress comfortably.
2. Bring your own beverages & snacks to settle in for worship.
3. Please go to the bathroom before you come. 
4. Print out & bring the Song Lyrics for the songs we will be singing (available at our Resources Tab) – We will NOT have a Bulletin handout.
5. Bring your Bible, a pen, and notepad for taking notes during the message.
6. Please participate by singing, praising, & worshiping God and listening to the message & following along in your Bible.
7. Please send your tithes and offerings to our Treasurer, Linda Kelso at 2030 Pines Rd., Somerville, AL 35670 OR a basket will be on Linda’s car hood for those wanting to drop in their offering on the way out.

Please share this message widely. See You Sunday!